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We provide high quality RO Plant that is widely used for drinking as well as industrial water treatment. Our RO water plant is developed from the optimum quality raw materials keeping in mind the national and international quality standards. Reverse Osmosis plant removes microbiological impurities, dissolve salts, pesticides, chemicals and many other dissolved solids from the water and makes it suitable for several purposes.

Water is purified by reversing the process of osmosis. Membranes are used to completely remove the dissolved solids contaminants biological and chemical impurities up to 0.0001 (1 micron 1/1000mm) from water.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the finest water purification technology on the world
  • RO membrane elements are used for hospitals, dialysis clinics, and other medical applications for superior permeate flow and salt rejection

  • Applications

    • Drinking water
    • Industrial process water for high purity applications
    • DM plant and boiler applications
    • SWRO desalination plant


    • Purifies bore well & salty water with high TDS
    • Provides healthy & homogenious drinking water
    • Gives special taste by removing all unwanted salts and minerals
    • No chemicals used from purification
    • Easily handle the hard water
    • Removes unpleasant smell & odor

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